Technology Solutions for Mobile Money

We’re digital payment experts that build and deploy technology solutions for Mobile Network Operators. We help drive usage and adoption by integrating new, modern technologies into any existing eWallet infrastructure.

VeryPay’s own platform offers an innovative eWallet companion solution that includes merchant, agent and consumer apps complemented by NFC based payment tokens. Easily integrated or standalone, all VeryPay solutions are network and eWallet agnostic, quick to deploy and white labelled.

“We help MNO’s scope, design and deploy winning mobile money solutions, with versatile, technology that can quickly, easily and affordably help them support multiple specialist value chains” – David Drever, Chief Commercial Officer, VeryPay

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Increase Usage and Adoption

Using VeryPay is as convenient as using cash. Merchants or agents can turn an NFC enabled smartphone into a payment acceptance terminal, and consumers simply tap their phone or a NFC token to complete payment. Subscribed users can give NFC tokens to friends and family, extending the use of a single mobile money account. The added speed and convenience of a tap and go solution, coupled with adding multiple users to a single account, encourages consumers to use mobile money for every transaction, digitising daily spend.

Increase App Downloads

VeryPay adds true utility to your mobile money apps. The speed and convenience of a tap and go solution creates consumer demand, driving merchants to download mobile money apps. Consumers in turn need to use apps to administer their NFC tokens. Business reporting tools, inventory management and receipt printing adds value to merchants. Group sharing allows consumers to add multiple users to a single mobile money account, all administered via the mobile money app.

Innovate for the Future

Whether you chose VeryPay's standalone apps or complement your own, the technology is future proof. VeryPay is an advanced payment hub with micro-services architecture, enabling connections to unlimited eWallet providers, interconnecting major players. Whether it's complex integrations, digital currencies, FX / treasury solutions, interoperability or national switch integration, VeryPay's architecture and expertise allows you to deliver cutting edge solutions to your subscriber base, now and in the future.

Our Services



  • Quick, easy integration with your eWallet
  • Rollout VeryPay Apps under your own brand
  • Introduce low cost, branded NFC payment tokens
  • Drive usage and adoption of your services



  • Integrate VeryPay services into your app infrastructure
  • Scope, design and build new features and functionality
  • Complement your existing payment development team
  • Align the technical infrastructure of your GSM and mobile money apps



  • Project management, implementation and representation
  • Build, train and support agent and merchant networks
  • Local, in-country resource
  • Understanding of local in-country challenges and special value chains

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