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VeryPay is a transaction engine and payment token system that integrates with any eWallet. Mobile Money Operators can run their own branded, contactless payment scheme without needing issuers, acquirers, or payment service providers.


VeryPay brings speed and convenience to mobile money payments and plays a major role in driving financial inclusion by creating digital financial records for everyone.

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Our Mission

Backed by thirty years of technological innovation with the Verysell Group, the VeryPay platform was built by our team of seasoned Payment Technology Experts.  Our mission is to expand accessibility and foster financial inclusion for underbanked citizens and simplify the digital payment process with flexible and fully customizable solutions. VeryPay helps you future-proof your mobile network operations by offering a versatile digital payment platform with unlimited integrations for any mobile wallet.

Wherever you are in the evolution of your mobile money journey, VeryPay can help.

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How Does it Work?

How the VeryPay

Platform Works


  • Our platform contains a set of pre-built components that integrate with any eWallet.
  • We wrap around your existing mobile money infrastructure with quickly deployable value-added features.
  • For businesses without infrastructure, VeryPay offers a plug-and-play white labeled solution.
  • We work closely with mobile wallet operators and their local infrastructure partners to solve the challenges associated with mobile money education, adoption and usage.

What Does This Mean for
Your Mobile Money Solution?


  • VeryPay is a companion solution that complements and enhances the user experience. We support growth regardless of your eWallet provider.
  • We can quickly and easily deploy upgrades and new features to your current apps.
  • Drive usage and adoption of your mobile money services with innovative features such as low cost, branded NFC tokens.
  • We specialize in helping you successfully roll out new solutions, tailored to your brand’s vision.

Our Services



  • Quick, easy integration with your eWallet
  • Rollout VeryPay Apps under your own brand
  • Introduce low cost, branded NFC payment tokens
  • Drive usage and adoption of your services



  • Integrate VeryPay services into your app infrastructure
  • Scope, design and build new features and functionality
  • Complement your existing payment development team
  • Align the technical infrastructure of your GSM and mobile money apps



  • Project management, implementation and representation
  • Build, train and support agent and merchant networks
  • Local, in-country resource team
  • Understanding of local in-country challenges and special value chains

Grow and Scale Your Mobile Network Operations While Expanding Financial Inclusion

for the Underbanked

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