Private Payment Solutions for businesses in emerging markets and economies.

Looking to save money on transaction fees for your business or a network of customers?

VeryPay is a companion solution for eWallets. With both a merchant and consumer app, it allows businesses that operate in less disrupted and emerging economies to own and operate their own branded payment schemes.

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Reduce Payment Costs

Off-the-shelf and easy to integrate, VeryPay delivers an all-in-one platform for businesses in emerging markets or economies with large local or national customer bases such as Telco’s and Retailers.

Own Your Tech
Control Costs

A branded payment network gives businesses control of its costs, technology & infrastructure. VeryPay gives you customer data, with valuable insights into spending habits, driving revenue, lowering costs, and reducing operational risk.

Drive Financial Inclusion

VeryPay accelerates financial inclusion in emerging markets and helps smaller businesses compete and thrive in the face of large conglomerates and big tech.

Your Payment Options

Use default EMV payment schemes


  • High fees
  • Terminal rental charges for merchants
  • Fragmented customer journeys
  • Exposure to customer defaults

Build a private payment network


  • Complex
  • Expensive
  • Requires significant expertise
  • Regulatory and compliance challenges

Add VeryPay


  • Off the shelf
  • Easy to integrate
  • Complements existing payment systems
  • Brandable

for Telcos

for Retail

for Government

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