How VeryPay
Impacts Agribusiness

In Africa’s agribusiness sector, farmers and traders often face significant financial challenges. Access to credit is limited because banks struggle to assess farmers without reliable data such as their financial history. Many farmers rely on manual, inefficient processes to get loans and operate their business, which are costly and time-consuming.

VeryPay addresses these issues with an innovative approach. It offers a digital platform that integrates with any eWallet, making financial transactions smoother and more accessible for farmers. VeryPay simplifies the process of getting credit by providing digital financial records, which helps lenders assess farmers' creditworthiness more easily.

The problem

  • Manual operations and MI (High cost of operations).
  • Manual records / financial history.
  • Limited manual loans. No direct access to markets.
  • Poor yields.

The solution

  • Digitised operations and MI (Reduced cost of operations).
  • Digital financial records.
  • Access to credit.
  • Digital marketplace.
  • Better yields > Better lives!

By addressing the challenges of manual and inefficient processes and limited access to credit, we empower MNO’s to partner with farmers to digitise their operations leading to increased yields and quality of life.

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