How VeryPay
Impacts Retail

In the bustling markets of Africa, retailers often rely heavily on cash transactions.
The barriers are significant; the necessity of a bank account, the cost of a point-of-sale terminal, and the steep transaction fees for accepting card payments from major schemes like Visa and Mastercard. This makes EMV card payments impractical for many.

Enter VeryPay's innovative solution, a game-changer for merchants. By collaborating with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), VeryPay transforms a merchant's smartphone into a user-friendly contactless payment device. This functionality enables merchants to accept digital payments directly from customers using VeryPay payment tokens linked to their mobile money account

The problem

  • Many merchants cannot accept​ digital payments due to financial exclusion and high fees.

  • Existing mobile money solutions are​ cumbersome and slow.

  • No digital records mean it’s harder to access credit and expand.

  • Company owners lack management information​ resulting in no​ business intelligence.

The solution

  • Merchant app turns smartphones into POS devices with low, controllable transaction fees.

  • Enables contactless tap and go​ payments direct from mobile wallet.

  • Digital payment records facilitate easy​ access to credit.

  • Back-office system gives real-time​ reporting and reconciliation for merchants.

The VeryPay solution transforms the way retailers operate in the African ecosystem. We empower MNO’s to partner with merchants to turn their smartphones into a user-friendly contactless payment device, enhancing their mobile app's utility, and encouraging more downloads and active usage.

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