How VeryPay
Impacts Transportation

The daily commute in the bustling cities of Africa can be stressful for the everyday citizen as well as bus drivers in the transit system. Traditional cash payments bring several challenges to this sector. Carrying cash can make commuters vulnerable to theft, putting their safety at risk. Bus drivers often rely on cash transactions, slowing down boarding and making it difficult to maintain accurate records and accountability.

VeryPay is an innovative solution that transforms the transportation industry by addressing these challenges. Our payment tokens offer a seamless, secure payment experience for bus riders and drivers, digitising payment records, thus revolutionizing the daily commute.

The problem

  • Cash dominates, which is clumsy, inefficient, and open to abuse.

  • The resulting queues are long and frustrating, causing delays.

  • Drivers are pocketing money, and​ company owners are losing profit.

  • Company owners lack business intelligence due to manual records

The solution

  • Low-cost, tap-and-go payment​ tokens replace cash.

  • Payment tokens increase speed and​ convenience, reducing queues.

  • Cashless ecosystem cannot be abused.
  • Easily installed, low-cost payment terminals​ push data to backend system in real time.

By addressing the challenges of theft, profit loss and delays, the VeryPay solution streamlines transportation operations and empowers MNO’s to enhance security and simplify the payment process for drivers and riders alike.

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