VeryPay brings speed and convenience to mobile money payments and plays a major role in driving financial inclusion by creating digital financial records for everyone.

Our Story

The Challenge

In many emerging economies, the banking infrastructure struggles to serve the vast population of underbanked citizens, resulting in a cash-dominant society. Traditional Visa and Mastercard tap-and-go solutions, while advanced, were not the answer – they were costly to implement and under-utilised due to high fees.

The VeryPay team realized that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in emerging markets could benefit from the speed and convenience of closed-loop contactless tap-and-go payment technology.

We envisioned a solution that isn’t just another payment system but an extension of existing mobile money technologies. Our goal was to enhance eWallet functionality, making it more accessible and practical without the excessive costs or the need for a traditional bank account.

The Breakthrough

Combining several existing technologies, we crafted a unique ‘wallet companion platform’ and closed-loop contactless tap-and-go payment technology, which is the foundation of VeryPay’s digital payment infrastructure.

Launched in 2020, the incubation period for the VeryPay project is complete. VeryPay is now involved in implementing pilot projects with two of Africa’s leading telecom operators.

More than a technology product; VeryPay catalyzes financial accessibility and inclusion across the African continent.

The Impact

Our conversations with multiple MNOs across Africa revealed a common challenge: increasing mobile money usage and app downloads, especially for last mile users.

With varying smartphone penetration levels, MNOs are eager to accelerate this transition. VeryPay’s goal is to become a key player in this shift, adding significant utility to digital payments and encouraging a broader move to mobile money

VeryPay Today

We stand not just as a technology provider but as a partner in financial evolution, helping to shape a more inclusive and digitised future in African economies.

Our Vision

We envision a future where African citizens are financially included by using our innovative payment technology to go cashless, create digital financial records, gain access to credit, and improve their livelihoods.

By bringing VeryPay’s technology to mobile wallet operators and together with our ecosystem of partners, our commitment is to play an active role in driving the next phase of financial inclusion in Africa.

How is VeryPay Unique?

The only wallet companion solution that makes a closed loop payment system and token management system available to any eWallet operator using simple, ready-made, brandable apps.

Extends the use of a mobile wallet to populations without smartphones or access to mobile money, e.g. the young or elderly.

Sector agnostic and has multiple use cases across African markets.

An “all-in-one” hybrid payment solution, allowing merchants to use a smartphone to conduct all transactions from the operator’s branded closed loop cards, as well as accept EMV payment cards.

Our Guiding Principles

From our global executive team and development hub to our employees on the ground, our goal is to live up to the principles that guide our mission and everything we do.


We are driven by our passion to catalyse financial inclusion in Africa and beyond


We prioritise working with & understanding local ecosystems to ensure successful delivery


partnerships are the backbone of our business

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Run your own branded, contactless payment scheme without issuers, acquirers or payment service providers while increasing adoption and usage of mobile money.

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