Infrastructure Partner

The role of a mobile money infrastructure partner is becoming increasingly important as the demand for mobile money services grows. VeryPay prides itself on being able to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our MNO partners. We help de-risk the introduction of new mobile money technology by providing services to help ensure the successful deployment and uptake of our technology.

Project management, implementation & representation

We understand that introducing new technology is great in principle, but that it also means huge amounts of time, energy and resource must be invested in planning a successful go-to-market, even when just proving a concept or launching a pilot.

VeryPay offers a team of industry experts to help design, scope and implement its technology alongside your internal teams. We view our customers as partners, so working together to ensure success is part of our DNA.

Build, train and support agent, merchant and consumer networks

Building, training, and supporting agent, merchant and consumer networks is a complex process that requires a number of different steps:

  • The first step is to identify potential agents and merchants who are interested in participating in piloting the VeryPay solution. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as surveys, outreach campaigns, and partnerships with local businesses.
  • Once potential agents and merchants have been identified, they need to be trained on how to use VeryPay. This training should cover topics such as how to register customers, how to process transactions, and how to manage their accounts.
  • After agents and merchants have been trained, they need to be provided with ongoing support. This support can be provided through a variety of channels, such as phone calls, email, and online forums.

VeryPay works closely with its MNO partners to identify, train and support the wide array of stakeholders involved in deploying its technology.

Local, in-country resource

Having ‘boots on the ground’ is crucial. Whether it’s the requirement to set up an actual operation in-country to facilitate the establishment and growth of a partnership or simply an individual relationship manager that sits in-country, we know that personal relationships are key.

VeryPay is headquartered in Europe but prides itself on working with a growing team of mobile money experts across multiple African countries. We truly appreciate that ‘felt presence’ paramount to success.

Understanding of local in-country challenges and special value chains

Working with MNOs across multiple African markets means that we need to understand individual OpCo strategic challenges and pain-points, as well as aligning with group strategies and how they can impact the implementation of new technology.

Furthermore, building a true understanding of whether the country is mobile money or bank dominant is crucial, as is understanding the current and predicted future rate of smartphone penetration. Many factors will determine the level of technology adoption and we pride ourselves on introducing our experts to help plan the best route to success.

VeryPay also appreciates the need to discuss the launch of pilots into special value chains where mobile money technology inefficiencies are currently restricting sector growth and digitisation. agritech education and transportation are all good examples of where VeryPay can pave the way towards full digitisation. We understand that launching what is essentially a new and innovative way to pay, involves carefully planned and collaborative go-to-market strategies.