The VeryPay Platform

As a mobile money companion solution, VeryPay acts as a simple, easy to integrate, additional payment channel for an eWallet operator to increase adoption and usage of their mobile money solutions. Paired with an MNO eWallet, VeryPay creates a closed loop payment system allowing them to own and operate an ‘own brand’ private payment scheme.

VeryPay's can help MNO's drive app usage and downloads, by improving utility, and modernizing the payment experience with quick, convenient and easy to deploy payment technology. VeryPay can be integrated into the existing application architecture of any MNO.

The VeryPay platform is a multi-tenant contactless token based payment facilitation platform, enabling consumer to merchant payment interaction via mobile Android application and an NFC payment tokens. The system enables account to account transactions between the MNO eWallet account holders and requires no regulatory licenses beyond the licenses already held by the MNO eWallets.

Quick, easy integration with your eWallet

The VeryPay platform offers standalone agent, merchant and consumer apps that are white-labelled and can be integrated into the existing application architecture of any MNO. The platform is wallet agnostic, meaning that irrespective of your core wallet infrastructure, we act as a companion solution to enhance the features and functionality of your mobile money solution. VeryPay is integrated into several market leading eWallets used by mobile network operators across the African continent, such as Ericsson, Comviva and Wallet Factory.

With multiple, pre-built integrations, MNO’s can quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy VeryPay into their core wallet infrastructure. If you have the need to customize any of the platform components, our team of over 200 offshore developers can be there to help design, build and deploy the most effective solution.

Rollout VeryPay Apps under your own brand

VeryPay is a white label solution, offered to MNOs under their own brand. All our applications, including our comprehensive back-office management system are quickly and easily branded as part of the set-up process.

Introduce low cost, branded NFC payment tokens

We supply MNOs with low-cost, branded NFC based payment tokens (cards or bracelets) that interact with any NFC compatible smartphone that has our agent, merchant or customer apps downloaded. Tokens are quickly and easily paired with an existing mobile wallet account, using an existing MNO subscriber ID.

Existing merchant subscribers wishing to charge for products or services can turn an NFC enabled smartphone into a payment acceptance terminal, removing the need for a bank account and expensive hardware. Consumers simply tap their payment token onto the merchants smartphone to initiate a contactless payment.

Existing consumer subscribers wishing to use the service to make payments, can extend the use of their mobile money account to friends and family, by simply adding multiple tokens.

Drive usage and adoption of your services

Using VeryPay is as convenient as using cash. The added speed and convenience of introducing a tap and go solution, into your own mobile money infrastructure, coupled with the ability to add multiple users to a single mobile money account, encourages your subscribers to use mobile money for more transactions. This technology helps set the foundations for digitising daily spend.

We work with MNO’s to pilot our technology across multiple specialist value chains, as we appreciate the need to educate entire ecosystems (agents, merchants and consumers) around this simple and more convenient way to pay. Therefore we work closely with our network of partners to ensure we have deployment strategies that ensure successful uptake.

VeryPay Mobile Money Applications

VeryPay offers MNO’s an extensive range of quick to deploy features for agents, merchants and customers, that complement an existing mobile money technology stack.

The customer app allows for multiple payment cards or wearable devices to be linked to a user’s e-wallet. NFC based contactless transactions can then take place in any merchant enabled store or agent location.

The agent and merchant apps turn an NFC smartphone into a payment terminal, allowing customers to make quick, easy purchases, pay bills or deposit or withdraw cash from any enabled merchant or agent.

VeryPay Security and Risk Management

VeryPay is not a financial institution. It does not hold user payment data or have access to customer and merchant funds.

No Additional Fraud Risk

Built-in User Security Controls

Full Admin Back-Office Controls

Best-in-class by Design

VeryPay Mobile Payment App for Agents & Merchants

Approved agents and merchants within your network can download an Android application to run on their smartphone. The application can be customised with your own company design and published on the Google Play Store, to transform any NFC enabled smartphone into a mobile payment acceptance terminal.

The VeryPay app can also run on any android POS system that has an NFC interface.

Agents and Merchants log into the mPOS app with their credentials. When authorized, the payment terminal and the merchant can transact between its wallet and the wallet of any authorised end user.

VeryPay Mobile Customer App

Our simple integration attaches a branded payment card or wearable payment device to an existing e-wallet. Think of it as a simple add-on that gives extra features and functionality. Using our Family & Friends feature, multiple cards or wearable devices can be added to a single customer account, increasing the adoption and usage of your mobile money solution.

The VeryPay card utilises secure smart card technology to ensure the highest level of protection for payment transactions. This technology safeguards the exchange of data between the card reader, merchant and agent application, user application and all integrated systems.

The app is used to add a new payment cards and wearables and link them to a user’s e-wallet.

VeryPay Back-Office Administration

The VeryPay back-office administration platform allows the operator to assign roles and responsibilities to individuals or teams, to perform various operations. All customer and merchant data can be interrogated and controlled and bespoke reports can be produced, to give ultimate security and control.

App Features

Account balance checking

Lock, unlock, add, or delete cards

Payment notifications for card transactions

Show payment history of the connected wallet/e-banking account

Review / update personal information

Contact support

Enable e-invoice payments

Enable peer to peer transactions

Back-office Features





Manage account profiles

Manage administrators and end-users

Manage & monitor transaction amounts and limits

Analyze data within a dashboard

Read, write, filter, and export data

Manage transactions, cards usage, system users and payment terminals