We help African MNOs digitise daily spend by enabling quick, easy contactless payments for underbanked citizens.

Many mobile money solutions have clear limitations.

By introducing our closed-loop contactless tap and go payment technology we extend utility, increase usage of mobile money, and drive growth for Mobile Network Operators across the African continent.

Backed by thirty years of technological innovation with the Verysell Group, our mission is to be a catalyst for financial inclusion in Africa by simplifying current mobile money payment processes.

How It

How It Works

Operates as a transaction engine and payment token system

Extends use of mobile wallets to financially excluded citizens

Integrates with
any eWallet

Enables mobile wallets
with NFC technology

App based technology layers on top of existing solutions

Creates digital records to power financial inclusion

What This
for MNO’s

What This Means
for MNO’s

No need for issuers, acquirers or payment service providers

Brings speed, security and convenience to everyday payments

Quick app upgrades and additional features to increase utility

Customers transact more regularly driving retention and growth

The VeryPay Approach

Innovative tech

Innovative and user-friendly mobile money technology solutions are fundamental to driving financial inclusion across Africa.

Deployed & Marketed in the Right Way

Changing the payment habits of African citizens is about working in partnership with our local teams and our customers to understand how to drive change.

To the Right Value Chains

Our core payment engine and token management system can digitise payments across multiple value chains. Our goal is to identify the environments where our technology solves the biggest problems.

With the Right Partners

We partner with value chain experts who truly understand how our payment engine can act as the foundation for digitisation.

Educated, enabled citizens

We're not just a tech company, we digitise ecosystems and build strong partnerships to reach last mile customers.

We're not just a tech company, we digitise ecosystems and build strong partnerships to reach last mile customers

Run your own branded, contactless payment scheme without issuers, acquirers or payment service providers while increasing adoption and usage of mobile money.

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