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Revolutionizing Mobile Money in Africa: VeryPay’s Impactful Journey at MWC 2023

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The Mobile World Congress 2023 held in Kigali, Rwanda from 17th to 19th October proved to be a transformative opportunity for VeryPay in Africa’s burgeoning market. As key sponsors, we seized the chance to co-organize the event with the GMSA Team, marking a significant milestone for our Mobile Money Technology and e-Wallet Companion Solution after investing two years in its development. 

Our participation was a resounding success, with exceptional presentations, invaluable meetings, and the chance to connect with brilliant minds. VeryPay emerged as a prominent sponsor, showcasing our commitment to the Mobile Money revolution in Africa. 

As an integral part of the Verysell Group ecosystem, VeryPay stands at the forefront of the fintech industry, empowering mobile network operators with the technology required for seamless mobile money solutions. Our presence at the Mobile World Congress 2023 epitomized our dedication to fostering quick and efficient deployment of mobile money solutions, enabling operators to establish their own branded, contactless payment schemes without relying on issuers, acquirers, or payment service providers.

Unveiling Our Product in Booth Exhibition

During the MWC Kigali event, we engaged in various activities to showcase our solutions. The three-day event provided a platform to exhibit our products, with a dedicated booth (E37) where our team, comprising nine ambassadors, demonstrated our innovative solutions to the wider audience. Our preparation, spanning almost four months, allowed us to showcase various solutions and user-tested devices to effectively communicate our system’s functionality. 

The whole VeryPay team in MWCKigali

Visiting VeryPay Booth

Main Sponsor and Visionary Contributor at Fintech Summit

Additionally, VeryPay played a significant role as the main sponsor for the Fintech Summit, contributing to sessions discussing vision, strategy, innovation, and the evolving fraud threat landscape in the fintech industry. Our CCO, David Drever, was a key speaker during the Fintech Summit Vision and Strategy, underlining our commitment to revolutionizing Mobile Money in Africa. 

David Drever – VeryPay CCO on the Stage of Fintech Summit Vision and Strategy.

Cheers to Success: VeryPay’s Networking Gala and Tap-and-Go Showcase

The culmination of the event was the Drink Party, an emotional gathering sponsored by VeryPay, bringing together over 200 participants to experience our tap-and-go solution for ordering drinks. It provided an excellent platform for networking and fostering meaningful connections. 

VeryPay Networking Event

All participants of the Networking event experienced the seamless ‘tap and go’ solution for drink orders during the session, powered by VeryPay’s innovative technology.

The server scans the bracelet for the drink order.

VeryPay’s remarkable success at the Mobile World Congress extended beyond the event itself. The enthusiasm from partners and customers in Africa was truly encouraging, signaling a keen interest in our innovative solutions. Furthermore, the media coverage, featuring VeryPay in both television segments and prominent newspapers, underscored the significant attention and traction we gained throughout the event. This heightened exposure further emphasizes VeryPay’s growing influence and impact in the African market.

In an interview session

We invite you to explore more about VeryPay and its offerings on our website and LinkedIn page, or reach out to David Drever, Chief Commercial Officer of VeryPay, for additional information and materials. 

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We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and our commitment to advancing Mobile Money technology in Africa. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments and exciting innovations from VeryPay and Verysell Group. 

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